Activities Guide

  • The Activities Guide (formerly Activities Packet) contains booktalks, links, ideas and extended activities for each of the 20 Nominated titles.
  • Examples of Activities pages are available linked to the RCYRBA Winners page of this website.
  • Since the 2011 award year the Activities Guide is available to all registered members as part of the member's section of the website.
  • Following the award year the complete Activities Guide is made available to the public; it is linked under Previous Winners.
  • The Activities Guide will be created each summer of and will be available as soon as possible in the fall of the current award year..


Any school in Illinois with students enrolled in any of the grades four through eight and agreeing to meet the requirements below may participate in the program.

Any public library in Illinois serving students in grades four through eight (from schools that are not registered to participate) and agreeing to meet the requirements below, may participate in the program.

  1. Register for the award by February 28th.
  2. Provide a minimum of 12 of the 20 titles on the Master List to the students of the school.
  3. Each child must have read or heard three books in order to be eligible to vote.
  4. Develop voting procedures. 
  5. Plan and conduct motivational activities.
  6. Provide eligible students with an opportunity to vote.
  7. Tally vote totals and report on this website no later than February 28th.